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What is focusing?

Focusing is an effecive, experiential way of iternal processiong that goes beyond the « logical » or emotional reading of the situation.
It helps one bring an unclear, vague, inner bodily felt sense of a problem or situation into clearer focus. Through the relating to that sense, from its experience of being seen and heard, next forward moving steps emerge.

The Focusing proposes a path, a dialogue.
Take a break in an ongoing situation; create a soft space of attention without judgment; listen to everything that is « down there », in the body.

Focusing uses our intrinsically relational nature and offers an open, curious, space of relating with compassion, non-jugment and understanding.
This makes it possible to relate to something, often nonverbal, vague. By remaining present with this sensation (called « bodily sense ») we can receive precious information about ourselves (beyond our thoughts, our opinions, our emotions, beyond what we already know). They have a quality of « rightness », alignment with our being. They can be surprising and « fresh ».

Focusing allows us to relate to a deeper dimension of ourselves as a source of information and inner wisdom.
We can have access to content that has not yet found the words to say.
With Focusing these contents, sometimes very metaphorical, become conscious and the relationship with them forms new possibilities of advancement in our life.

In my body, there is always the story waiting to be told every time I notice feelings, sensations and « bodily senses ».
My body has its own language through which he wants to talk to me. »

Eugine Gendlin

Back in the 1950’s Euging Gendling, a young Phisospher, collaborated with Carl Rogers, founder of Clent-Cenetred therapy in an  extensive research of what makes a therapy process a successful. This research found that improvement in therapy had very little to do with a therapist’s therapeutic orientation, specific techniques, or with the type of problem being addressed. Instead, the important element of positive change had to do with “how” clients processed their experiences internally.

With further study, Gendlin defined Focusing – a simple proces that is very natural way of « getting in touch » with our inner knowing about the situation we are in that holds the best ways for us to move forward.

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