Ana Zunic mon parcour



Ana Zunic, english speaking psychologist and therapist, Lyon 6e

Masters in Psychology (University of Belgrade)
Certificat in Focusing oriented Therapy  (Focusing institut, New York)
Certificat in Teaching Focusing (Focusing institut, New York)
Compleated Traning for professionnals «Parenting by connection» (Hand in hand parenting, San Francisco)
Compleated training in MBSR (Maindfulness based stress reduction, France)
Trained in Théâtre Forum (ECU net projet / England, Bulgaria, France)

For near twenty years, in different countries and different forms I had an opportunity to « keep company » and work with adults, adolescents and children.

With those that are « from here » and those that are « from elsewhere ». With those who feel like they « failed » and those who « succeded » but they don’t feel like that. With persons struggling with self-acceptence, seeking their « inner knowing » often blocked by fears and doubts. With professionals working with children, with parents and  those wanting to become one.

Ana Zunic PsychologueI am resonating with my two children, with my partner and his two children, my family, friends in three diferent languages, with colages, fabrics, body, touch, dance, voice, breath, with the solitary rains in the middle of the ocean